Olympics at sunset in September

Olympics at sunset in September
Wedding Reception on Camano Island


A new blog...

It has been more than five and a half years of reporting about my Addiction to Traveling. I still enjoy traveling and its associated movement, but I have decided to change gears.

The more and more I study and observe the natural world, the more I am interested in staying put. I can learn a tremendous amount by knowing my immediate locale. Having traveled far and wide, I am now looking deeper and more carefully at developing a Sense of Place.

Here is a link to my new blog. I hope you enjoy it!


Doing the unthinkable!

I decided to take the bull by the horns. This is my life and I am keen to form it in a way of peace, comfort, and fun! So, I utilized an idea and ask for help from Kevin and now have a little piece of Japan on which I rest! Build bed frame, two tatami mats and a Japanese futon. I figure this is a little cheaper than a bed might cost and this is the style I like! So... boom!


Slightly different blog- NEW job!

Hello very slim followers!

A) There aren't a lot of people looking at this anymore
B) Those people are slim!

I have been posting some job-related stuff on that website. Look around and explore Wild Whatcom... it is a fun place to work!